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You can always sign into the Collect for Stripe mobile app using your Stripe email address and password. Collect accounts are optional in that sense. However, you can get some great benefits by creating an account:

Application Users and Direct Login

Want to give Collect for Stripe access to non-administrators you work with? This account allows you to create sub-users who can sign into Collect to create charges on your account without having to know your Stripe password or become administrators.

With this email address and password, you as the admin will also be able to sign into the app directly if you like. It's a little faster than going through Connect each time.

Payment Forms

We are piloting a new program to generate payment forms for your website incredibly easily. You will embed them using a single, universal line of code. Plus, the payment processing portion (the 'back-end') is handled by our own servers; you never have to worry about maintaining anything.

Let's get started! Just enter the info above, then connect your Stripe account to become the admin. We will email you separately to set a password at your convenience.