Accept Credit Cards at Conferences & Events

When they come to you, be ready for them.

Infinitely Scalable

Whether you are selling advance tickets or selling during your event, you never want to get caught unprepared. With Collect, sign into the same account on as many devices as you like, using as many card readers as you want— all at the same time. No limits.

Gather Long-Term Leads

Fast, Simple Recurring Payments

We leverage Stripe Subscriptions to create recurring payments for new or pre-existing customers. We even import your Stripe Plans for quick selection from the home transaction screen.

Create a customer, capture a card, and subscribe – all in a single action – in seconds.

With a Chipper 2X™ reader, securely read and save cards to create a customer faster than ever before

More about Subcriptions

Save & Fetch Customer Information

We only create true Stripe Customers, so new contacts are instantly available to your backend system or your Stripe Dashboard. Save email addresses, names and more, then reach out later.

Search existing customers from the app to create a single or recurring payment with ease.

More about Customers

Automatically Store Email Addresses

Every time users ask for a charge receipt, we will automatically update that Stripe Charge's metadata to include the provided address, even without creating a customer. Contacts are always a click away.

Complete Flexibility

We understand live events come and go. From pricing to ease-of-use, no platform competes with the flexibility of Collect for Stripe.

Elastic Pricing

Because pricing is based solely on usage, we have no monthly fees or minimums. You only pay for what you use. Move on with other business for a couple months until the next event, then pick back up where you left off.

Card Reader Flexibility

Our card readers are built to be 100% plug-and-play. This means no costly setup, no restrictive pairing to a device, and no hassle. Just plug into any compatible device and start making money.

Lose connection on an iPad? Crack an Android phone screen? No problem. The same reader can pop into your next device without interruption.

Grow your business faster than ever, from anywhere, with Collect for Stripe for conferences & events.

View all your data in one place. Drive results.