Accept Credit Card Donations as a Nonprofit

Collect for Stripe turns every donation into a connection.

Build Trust

When people give in person, they aren't just clicking a button. They're volunteering their resources to the hands of other people — people like themselves, whom they know they can trust.

Stay Connected

Automatically save email addresses

Every time we send a receipt, we will automatically update your Stripe Charge's metadata to include the provided address. Donors are always a click away.

Keep the connection alive

Create a customer to save contact & payment information, and to reach out later.

This will create a true Stripe Customer, complete with credit card if provided. You can even update a card any time.

More about Customers

Recurring payments allow continued giving

We leverage Stripe Subscriptions to create recurring payments for your new or pre-existing customers.

We even import your Stripe Plans for quick selection from the home transaction screen.

Combine technology & philanthropy with Collect for Stripe. View all your data in one place, and drive results.